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TV Diana ready for ski slopes

MOLDOVAN-born Diana Bunici is planning to ditch the gloomy Dublin weather for a winter wonderland this Christmas, but she won't be going home.

The RTE children's presenter is hoping to hit the slopes of Austria for a skiing trip with her family.

And the pretty brunette knows her way around a pair of skis.

"I am probably going to go skiing with my family and some cousins, so it's going to be amazing," Diana told the Diary.

"But the last time I went skiing it was a complete fluke because I was brilliant, so I know I am probably going to break a leg or something," she laughed.

The 25-year-old is such a fan of holidays that she ranks them higher on her priority list than boyfriends.

The star of RTE2's Elevate said that she is "too busy" for love.

"I genuinely am, because I have so many things to focus on," she explained. "Boys are like fifth on my list at the moment with family, friends, work and holidays."

Diana, who finishes filming with Elevate for Christmas on December 20, said that her work is even clashing with the RTE Christmas bash, this year.

"We have our own young people's Christmas party which is always so much fun," she said. "But I don't know the details yet, because I am working on the night of it."

Diana is making the most of her offers for hosting gigs and will present the Young Voices Hallelujah Concert in City West hotel from December 5-8.

"It's very different to being on a live TV, but I really enjoy it," she said.