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TV Carol to launch online lessons in maths

TV presenter Carol Vorderman is launching an online maths school for children and parents.

The former Countdown star said she designed the lessons, which feature video instruction, music, games and rewards, to help youngsters "be the very best they can" with numbers.

Parents will be able to visit The Maths Factor website from today and sign up for classes on Wednesday.

It comes after a UK survey revealed almost one in five (18pc) children of primary school age received extra help from a private tutor to improve their maths skills.

The YouGov poll questioned 503 parents of children aged five to 11.

It showed 96pc of them believed it was essential for their children to have a good grasp of arithmetic to get a job in the future.

Vorderman , who chairs a maths taskforce for the British Conservative Party, said: "I want children to be the very best they can be with numbers and mathematics, and developing a love of the subject is part of everything we do.

"We have built technology so that children will learn at their own pace.

"As a mum, I realise how hard it can be for parents to know exactly what to do to encourage children with maths, so we provide games for each precise piece of learning to print out and play.

"I also explain to parents all of the new numeracy methods taught in schools to help with school homework."

Subscription to www.themathsfactor.com costs £9.99 for the first month, rising to £14.99 a month.