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Tubs and Miriam were wrong for Late Late -- Gerry

GERRY Ryan believed Miriam O'Callaghan and Ryan Tubridy were not suitable candidates for The Late Late Show.

He doubted Miriam would be able to carry the "monster of a show" while his pal Tubridy was too young.

The late DJ's partner Melanie Verwoerd has revealed that he was bitterly hurt by being snubbed for the top job.

In her new book, she explains how Gerry expected mum-of-eight Miriam O'Callaghan to get the show because she was a woman.

He figured that Ryan Tubridy, while better suited, was still too young.

Gerry was also concerned that Ryan was too intellectual and perhaps not close enough to the ordinary people.

The broadcaster's upset at the job let down is detailed in Melanie's memoirs -- to be published tomorrow -- where she says he felt "insulted" by being asked to do an eight-week "audition" for the Saturday Night Show.

Melanie says he could not believe this was even suggested to him. He felt it was an insult to be put on the same level as Brendan O'Connor and Craig Doyle, who had very limited experience compared to him.

He also felt he had done the ultimate audition a year before on the Late Late Show when he stepped in for Pat Kenny, whose mother had just died, and received very high ratings.

These rejections became part of a string of events that led him to believe he was "under siege" by Montrose bosses.

"Too many people in management hate me," he told Melanie. When the announcement of Ryan Tubridy's appointment to the Late Late Show was made Gerry was devastated because he knew he would most probably be to old to take over when Ryan retired from the job.