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Tubridy reveals pitfalls of fame as he's attacked in street

CHAT king Ryan Tubridy has spoken about the pitfalls of fame after being kicked and abused in the street.

The RTE star (37) revealed his shock at being attacked last weekend -- all for being a well known personality on our screens.

Ryan admitted that he was verbally and physically abused by thugs in public and was the subject of a foul-mouthed tirade.

"I got kicked at the weekend and then two fellas shouted from the car very bravely ' Tubridy, you p****'. It started with a P and ended with a K.


"I just thought, 'Isn't it great to be well known, it's great craic', kicked and name-called and occasionally you get the odd hug, very odd," he said.

But the TV star has admitted that he could tolerate life in the public eye, but became concerned when it involved his children.

"If I'm on my own, that's fine. I'm well paid and I'm a big boy and I've a thick skin. But with your kids there, it's a little tough on them," he said. The notoriously private presenter has never been shy about his feelings regarding life in the limelight, saying: "Beyond the walls of Montrose, it's my private time. If you hide behind a bush, if you hide up a tree, that's not acceptable ... it's not fair and it's mean spirited.

"I hate that. Have a bit of respect and human decency."

Tubridy previously announced his upset at being photographed with his new girlfriend Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain as they went for a stroll in Powerscourt.

The pair had yet to go public with their romance, and after being forced to publicise the romance, have been unable to avoid the glare of the spotlight since.

Just days ago, the star was at the centre of another tongue lashing.

Montrose's golden boy was the target of a rant by Today FM star Ian Dempsey, who said that he had been "cushioned" by RTE during his time on Radio One and his move to 2fm, would "expose" him.

"Morning Ireland handed him a huge audience, he's been leading up to another huge audience from Pat Kenny, so he's been kind of cushioned," he told Hot Press magazine.


"He did the breakfast show before and he was the only one that really threatened us. But I think he was very fresh at the time and people were saying 'Hey, who's this guy?' Now he's an established part of the institution that is RTE."

He added Tubridy needed a team "to come up with the ideas and keep the show fresh" but said he was "able to carry it".