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Tubridy Jnr happy to beat his sibling in 'sexiest' poll

IT seems the competition is alive and well between RTE television presenter Ryan Tubridy and his younger sibling, Garrett, this week, after the pair both made this year's Remus Uomo 100 sexiest Irish men list.

The well-known Dublin brothers were last night unveiled by Social and Personal magazine as two of the featuring members on this year's poll, and newcomer to the list, Garrett couldn't have been more shocked.

The city councillor told the Herald, he was both stunned and flattered to have been voted in at number 10, and was happier yet to have beaten his celebrity older brother Ryan, who claimed the spot of Ireland's 19th sexiest man.

"I know Ryan will be disgusted that I came ahead of him," he revealed. "But it's always nice to have a bit of healthy competition between brothers.


"Like all siblings we've always enjoyed a friendly rivalry since we were kids. It's all in good fun, though, I don't think we'll be quite falling out over it any time soon.

"If anything Baz is the man we need to look out for, since he's won the whole thing," he laughed.

In fact, modest Garrett finds the idea that he could be seen as one of the top 10 sexiest men in Ireland hilarious.

According to the political figure: "I find the whole thing incredibly funny

"I don't know what category I fall under unless it's 'famine chic'.

"It's certainly a nice confidence boost though, my wife will be delighted to hear it," he added.

However the Fianna Fail councillor won't be swapping his life of canvassing for glamour of showbiz.

"Of course I'm flattered by the whole thing but at the end of the day the only vote I care about is those of the Pembroke-Rathmines constituents next May.