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Tubridy gets Blair advice from Snow

RTE broadcaster Ryan Tubridy has been taking tips from Channel 4 journalist Jon Snow on the best way to grill former British Prime Minister Tony Blair this evening.

The Late Late Show has scored a coup by securing the only live interview with the controversial ex-Labour leader, who's over here to promote his new book.

However, the presenter is clearly keen to make the right impression with Blair, given that he has been swotting up in the run-up to tonight's programme.

And Mr Snow promised that if Tubridy managed to elicit anything interesting out of the ex-British PM, they would run it as an item on Channel 4 news -- saying he has his work cut out for him.


"He'll be absolutely charming, he will be very hard to slip one past and he speaks with extraordinary confidence and self-assuredness." said Mr Snow.

"I think he's a very, very difficult person to interview and to come away saying 'My God that was a revelatory moment'. If you get a revelatory moment, we'll be running it on Channel 4 news.

"There have been very few seminal interviews with Tony Blair. In fact I don't think there has ever been one and that's because he's an absolutely first-class communicator.

"He's a child of the television age and the beneficiary of it and a master of it and whether the public will ever put up with that again in another man or woman, I don't know."

Describing him as the ultimate "actor-barrister", Jon said how Blair also had a "dark side", given his invasion of Iraq and that could not be dismissed either.

Over here for a book signing in Eason's tomorrow for his new tome A Journey, Blair's visit has been mired in controversy, given his unpopularity for supporting the Iraq invasion.

RTE has declined to comment on speculation that he has asked for a closed set for this evening's interview and the tight security arrangements that are in place for the programme.