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True beliebers

THESE are the pictures that prove Dublin has been consumed by 'Bieber Fever' ahead of the teen heart-throb's concert in the 02 tonight.

Hordes of delirious young fans brought Grafton Street to a standstill and congregated outside 5-star hotels, looking for their hero, Justin Bieber.

Gardai even had to help out after waves of Justin's 'Beliebers' laid siege to the Tommy Hilfiger shop on Grafton Street.

And their devotion did not go unnoticed by the Never Say Never star, who said he was "relaxin in Dublin" before adding: "Irish fans are no joke ... much love."

Using social networking sites to share the latest information, schoolchildren desperate to locate the baby-faced singer raced around town searching for him.

Grafton Street came to a standstill when rumours circulated on the internet that the 17-year-old star was spotted in Starbuck's at BT2 shortly before 7pm.

And staff at the upmarket Merrion Hotel, where Will Smith and daughter Willow are staying, were forced to call in gardai after fans camped en masse outside the hotel.

Earlier in the evening child star Willow posed with some of her Dublin fans outside the hotel.

Shortly afterwards, eager Bieber fans congregated outside the Hilfiger store and Monsoon on Grafton Street after claims on social networking site Twitter that Bieber was inside.


In fact, members of his entourage, including his vocal couch and his guitarist, had gone shopping, sparking false reports that he was inside the store.

But a source revealed how American designer Hilfiger has invited the teenager for a no-holds-barred shopping spree in his Dublin store.

"He has invited him in to help himself to whatever he wants in the shop and he can go in there at his leisure while he's in Ireland," she said.

"He's a big fan of his clothes so he'll definitely make the trip in while he's in town."

All the top hotels in the capital were thronged by ardent fans of the Canadian superstar as they attempted to catch a glimpse of him.

His followers also attempted to storm the Morrison Hotel amid reports that he was staying there. At one point, the manager came outside to tell them that he wasn't there -- but they continued to camp outside, chanting Justin's name.

"It was absolute madness, it was the kind of mania that hasn't been witnessed here in years," said a source.

"They were all feeding off each other and everyone was swearing blind he was seen here, there and everywhere.

"At the end of the day, he's one of the biggest stars in the world right now, everyone wants to meet him."

There were also fans outside the Four Seasons in Ballsbridge. They told the Herald how they had been up since 7am trying to track down the teen star.

Justin will make his Irish debut when he takes to the stage at the O2 Arena tonight as part of his My World tour, supported by Whip My Hair star Willow.

She stopped to pose for pics with fans camped outside her hotel, saying: "These fans are so sweet! I love Dublin!"