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Travel made my lovelife a Total Wipeout, says Amanda

TV PRESENTER Amanda Byram has told how long-distance love made her relationship a Total Wipeout.

The 38-year-old Dubliner had been due to marry Australian former rugby player fiance Craig McMullen, but she said they were both "gutted" to have separated.

Byram, who frequently has to head to Buenos Aires to film her BBC1 show, Total Wipeout, said that long absences had driven them apart.

"No break up is easy, especially when you're engaged. You've promised yourself to a person and when you break that promise for no apparent real reason, it's hurtful all round," she told Hello! magazine.

Byram, who also hosts Sky1's talent show Don't Stop Believing, continued: "We're both gutted and in a really hurt place.

"You realise absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder, it just makes it grow distant.

"The succession of life is that you get married, have kids and a white picket fence and I was finally on that track. But my instinct said it wasn't right." She added: "Whether it's right or wrong, I'm at peace with my decision."

The couple parted at the end of last year, although the split was not made public until January. Byram, who once dated comic Patrick Kielty, said she was going to take her time before entering another relationship, although she said it was difficult coming to terms with being single again.

"It's scary and of course you see couples in love and think how nice it is. I am a romantic and love being in love more than anything but I am not in that place right now. I am not ready for a relationship again."