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Tragic Stephen's fantasy novel set to hit the shelves

Tragic Boyzone star Stephen Gately's book for children, The Tree of Seasons, will be released this year after loved ones completed it after his death.

Gately had just a few pages of the fantasy novel left to write before he died suddenly in Mallorca in October.

Friends and family stepped in to get the book completed using notes Gately had made on how he wanted the story to end.

Elton John has written the foreword for the book, which is expected to be a top seller.

Gately's heartbroken husband, Andrew Cowles, has revealed that the Boyzone singer longed to become a published author.

"The storyline had been something he had been bouncing around for many years and he was enjoying the creative process of finally sitting down and writing this story in between the other demands on his time.

"Stephen was very excited about this book and hoping to become a published author.

"Stephen had almost finished his book -- his trip to Mallorca in October was to give him time to complete this and he had made good progress in the few days he was there, leaving only a few pages to be finished after his untimely death.

"Fortunately Stephen did have detailed notes which meant there was enough information to allow the story to be completed exactly as he had planned."


In April, Gately talked of how pleased he was with his creation.

"It's aimed at (age) 10 upwards . . . I'm having a massive battle between good and evil in the book so it's quite fun, I think a lot of people will like it," he said.

At Gately's funeral bandmate Ronan Keating spoke of how the people who loved him would finish his book.

"There are only a few pages left to do -- and by hook or by crook, those who loved him, and there are so many in this room, are going to finish his book," Keating said.

The Tree of Seasons chronicles the adventures of three children who use the tree as a hidden portal to magical worlds representing the four seasons.

The book will be published on April 29.