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Too skinny? Oh no I'm not -- it's my Pippa panto diet

Pippa O'Connor has admitted to unintentionally shedding "a good bit of weight" recently after stepping out looking thinner than ever.

The model's figure sparked concern this week after she showed up to the VIP Style Awards in her glamorous gown looking noticeably thinner.

But the blonde beauty has assured the Herald that "there is nothing to worry about" and explained her new tiny figure is the result of an unintended "panto diet".

"I lost weight in the panto for nearly two months over Christmas.

"It's like doing five hours of exercise a day and I know I did lose a good bit of weight doing that, but I've actually put a few pounds back on again since it ended," she said.

The 25-year-old first sparked worry over her shrinking frame last November but rubbished claims that she had slimmed down purposely by blaming her waif-like appearance on her dress.

One of Ireland's busiest models, the partner of Brian Ormond was once known for her perfect size 10 figure, but she is now reported to wear a small size 8.

"Some of my friends have asked me what have I been doing but I honestly would tell if I was doing something different.

"Brian and I call it the 'panto diet' because the weight just falls off anyone who does panto. When I signed up to do it, he actually warned me that he lost a good bit of weight while doing it the previous year but he wanted to so that was different.

"But it is physically hard work so all of the dancers and everyone on the show lost weight doing it."

Despite suggestions that her figure is the result of an intense exercise regime, she said she hasn't been at the gym in months and would love to be more toned.

"I haven't been working out. I'm not toned at all -- I wish. I would love to be more toned but all I've been doing lately is walking my dog Lilly. I'd love to get back into the gym."

The Kildare model also insisted she has not been watching what she eats recently to slim down.

"Like any girl living with their boyfriend, I eat as much as Brian, if not more. He laughs at the amount I eat and said he can't understand how I can eat so much and still be skinny.

"I don't know, maybe it's the end of my puppy fat because I'm getting a little older but there is definitely nothing to worry about."

Meanwhile Pippa said she and fiance Brian weren't disappointed to lose out to Anne Doyle and her partner Dan McGrattan for the country's 'Most Stylish Couple' gong at the recent Style Awards.

"Honestly, I wasn't disappointed. I've years ahead of me to win if people think I'm deserving of it.

"Anne is such a funny and classy woman, I was delighted for her."