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'Toerag' stole rap star Prof Green's gear

RAP superstar Professor Green almost had to pull out of his Dublin gig after being targeted by thieves just outside Dublin.

The hip hop sensation, who is number one in the charts with Read All About It, had all his music equipment robbed while en route to the city.

The incident happened just hours before he was due to go on stage and perform at a sell-out gig in the Academy.

But on Saturday afternoon, having played in Belfast the previous night, he explained how he had just got some "devastating news." "All my stage gear has been stolen 10 minutes outside Dublin. Some toe-rag nicked the trailer," he said. "Everything has gone ... from the drums to the mikes, everything."

He called on all his fans to re-tweet his message and appeal for information as to its whereabouts after reporting the theft to Pearse Street Garda Station.


However, luck was obviously on his side after he managed to recover all his musical equipment just hours before he was due to go on stage.

Professor Green described it as a "dramatic afternoon" for him and his crew before adding: "The show will go on. A big thanks to everyone involved."

He also apologised for opening the doors late at his Academy gig as they scrambled to set up their gear, saying they were "awfully lucky" to be performing at all.

The London rapper is on a promotional tour for his second album At Your Inconvenience, which is being tipped for huge success.

And although he performed on the X Factor last week in front of 10 million viewers, he landed himself in hot water after making some dubious comments about last year's winner Matt Cardle. "I don't know him from Adam so I haven't got any kind of personal problem with him, but his music is f***ing horrendous," he said.

The chart star, real name Stephen Manderson, has been filming his own fly-on-the-wall documentary for Channel 4 over the past few months.

A camera crew has been following him around while he tours Ireland and Britain.