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'Tired' Diarmuid explains strange Late Late ranting

CELEBRITY gardener Diarmuid Gavin has insisted he did not take drugs before his chaotic Late Late Show appearance.

During an interview with Ryan Tubridy last Friday, Mr Gavin appeared pale and emotional.

However, the 46-year-old star blamed his state on a lack of sleep and dismissed accusations that appeared on the internet.

"I think in general I'm a bit tired, I'm working very hard," he said.

"I don't even drink now. I certainly have never been one for drugs which I saw somebody else say," Mr Gavin added.

Diarmuid appeared on the Late Late to promote his new autobiography -- How The Boy Next Door Turned Out.

However, he used the entire interview to fume about the state of the country.

He told Ray D'Arcy on Today FM he was fed up with listening to people complaining about politicians and the economy when they should take action themselves.

Mr Gavin said the problem in Ireland is "we love complaining and we love blaming".

On the website politicalworld.org, contributors criticised Diarmuid's Late Late interview.

One person wrote sarcastically that the gardener was "possibly a little fatigued after his long flight from London".


"He thinks that we complain far too much about minor details like the [electricity] being cut off. His all-time hero is Michael O'Leary and he reckons we should get up off our collective a*** and do something constructive. Although he omitted to mention what that constructive stuff is," the contributor said.

However, another person agreed with Diarmuid.

"So, instead of taking on board what he actually said, all you lot can do is whinge. We always have to blame somebody else -- we can never accept responsibility for ourselves," the person wrote.

On the garden.ie website, a contributor wrote: "Did anyone see Diarmuid Gavin on the Late Late last night? I'm wondering why 'Ireland's favourite gardener' didn't talk about gardening at all."