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Time stood still when I saw Colin at the altar ... it was so special - Sonya

ACTRESS Sonya Macari has revealed she didn't have a "drop to drink" on her wedding day because she was so high on happiness.

The Diary can reveal how the stunning LA-based star avoided all the free-flowing champers so she could soak up the atmosphere and remember every detail of her big day.

Speaking for the first time since walking down the aisle with new hubbie Colin Devlin, Sonya said her glamour-filled wedding was perfect in every way.

"It was honestly the best day of our lives, it was just fantastic," she said.

"I didn't drink at all during the day. I didn't need it -- I was just high on the day itself and I wanted to take everything in and enjoy it."

She walked down the aisle at the Church of Three Patrons in Rathgar with father Romano to the tune of Gabriel's Oboe.

They also had a performance in the church from Irish Golden-Globe nominee Brian Byrne which she said was "amazing".

However, she admits the highlight of her day was seeing her partner of ten years at the altar for the very first time.

"I was quite relaxed walking down the aisle. I was saying hello to everyone going past and then I got to the top and looked at Colin and it was like time stood still.

"It was only a few moments but it felt like hours. It was a very special moment for us," she continued.

They kept the guest list small, to just over 100 people and had their intimate reception in the K Club, with the party going on until well after 3am.

Sonya also incorporated some aspects of her Italian heritage into the day and opted to name all the tables after Italian movies and famous Italians.

"We had a table called La Vita Bella and one after Sophia Loren and even had one called Berlusconi," she added.

And she opted against tradition by giving a short speech describing herself as "the new Mrs Devlin".

The smitten newlyweds got the party started by having their first dance to the classic song Harvest Moon.

Their nuptials were attended by a string of familiar faces including Lorraine Keane, who's married to Colin's brother Peter, alongside Virginia Macari and partner Kaste.

TV presenter Pamela Flood was there with partner Ronan Ryan as well as Norma Smurfit, artist Guggi and celeb snapper Barry McCall.

The couple have opted to hold off on their honeymoon in Italy until this Saturday as Sonya's busy shooting for a new project.

However, she confirmed that she "definitely feels different" after their romantic nuptials last Friday.

"I said that we felt married anyway as we've been together so long but this just bonds us together even more," she added.