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The plot just keeps on changing. That's how Dara O Briain, the UK's most cherished Irish comic, views his home country. Based in London, the Wicklow native only ever comes home for gigs these days, and you would think that a 16-date residency at Vicar Street would give him more than enough time to get on board with what's been happening. Alas, there are some things that even Dara O Briain will never be on board with. Actually, just the one: Garth Brooks.

Such is Dara's confusion surrounding the great Brooks Fiasco of 2014, that he likens the entire ordeal to catching a loved one pleasuring themselves to something "repugnant".He's got a fine way with words, this chap.

Neat The Mock the Week host has carved out a neat career on British television, but it's on a stage where this most compelling of observational comics continues to shine. Indeed, the leading man in front-row interaction is up to his usual tricks with Crowd Tickler. Dara loves a good Q&A with punters, and what little scraps of information he can exploit from them he uses to form the basis of a masterful improv session.

But he's also come prepared. This is a two-hour show, and everything is up for grabs as O Briain (42) considers if he alone might have been responsible for the downfall of British musical duo The Ting Tings (he performed a dad dance at one of their TV gigs…they weren't impressed). He also discusses his inability to do sincerity (he blames Star Wars) and worries about our planet running out of helium. Yep, things get "nerdy" at a Dara O Briain gig. But there's also a riotous discussion about lingerie. Oh, and the weird stuff we teach our children. Something for everyone, then. HHHH