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Thrilled RTE star Aonghus is a grandad -- twice over

RTE broadcaster and presenter Aonghus McAnally has spoken about the joy of becoming a grandparent -- twice in the last five months.

The former presenter of 80s children's show Anything Goes has described the arrival of his granddaughter Cadhla and his grandson James as a "phenomenal time".

He told the Herald: "Cadhla was born in June and then Andrew, my younger son, and his partner Lisa had a baby, James, who is five months now.

"It's a great time, it's a phenomenal time. You can't imagine what it's like and the reality of what you see, with those little eyes looking up at you."

Aonghus (55) joked that he's adapting very well to his new role as a babysitter -- just as long as he can hand the children back again after seeing them at weekends.

"We go over, they're both in their own houses, one is in Drinam and the other is in Swords. It's great that they're so close in where they live, and that the cousins are so close together in age as well.

"We love going over at weekends. And it seems like no time since we were having children, I was married at 23."

The veteran broadcaster is taking on board the advice of broadcaster and author Gloria Hunniford, who says grandparents should keep quiet and "zip it."

"The best thing to do is to zip it. The parents are in charge," he said.

Aonghus Og McAnally won Best Male Performer at the Absolut Fringe Festival, and his play, Fight Night, won the Bewley's Cafe Theatre Little Gem Award, so the McAnally household are enjoying a triple celebration.