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This time i really feel for Sarah and DJ

I'VE written in the past about Sarah Newman and DJ Carey, and refused to join in the general sympathy towards them when it was revealed that they owed AIB €9m after investing in property during the good times.

Their purchases, which included nearly €20m on villas in exclusive golf clubs and ski resorts, did not create jobs -- as you would expect from entrepreneur Sarah -- but were designed simply to enrich themselves.

But the news of their split in the past week is something different.

They seemed to be genuinely in love, but mounting financial problems -- DJ's Hygiene Supplies business went into liquidation a year ago -- caused an insurmountable strain on their relationship.

DJ built his company from scratch with his first wife, getting up at 6am every day and driving thousands of miles a week around Ireland to generate business, and both he and Sarah had to deal with marriage breakdowns before them met.

Said Sarah: "I have already been through the nightmare of one divorce, which was crippling emotionally, and nobody wants to admit they have failed for a second time."

Again, they will have the sympathy of most of the Irish public. But this time round, I'm with them.