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There's no bad blood between me and Miss Ireland says Kamal

Celebrity ICA Bootcamp star Kamal Ibrahim insists there is no bad blood with model Emma Waldron despite them clashing on the TV show.

The Limerick man, who won through to next week's live finals, admits that there were noticeable tensions between him and the outgoing Miss Ireland while filming the RTE programme in June.

However, former Mr World Kamal (25) is adamant that the pair have since put their differences behind them, with Emma wishing him well ahead of his participation in the live finals next week.

"There was definitely some serious rivalry that week when we were filming as we were all quite competitive," he told the Diary.

"I suppose there would have been some tensions between myself and Emma, in particular, but it was all in good spirit.

"She's very focused and headstrong and definitely wanted to win. When we were competing we both took it very seriously but we were never on bad terms.

"We would always shake hands and hug after tasks and we got on great afterwards. Emma's a great girl, I love her to bits," he added.

In addition to Emma, Kamal also went head to head with Dickie Rock and 98fm's Siobhan O'Connor on last night's episode of the reality series and says he's hoping to go all the way in next week's live final programmes to raise funds for his chosen charity, Variety.

The aspiring actor and television presenter says he's looking forward to seeing what the ICA ladies throw at him when he arrives at their base at An Grianain in Drogheda next week.

To date, the Limerick native has found himself gutting pigeons, cleaning and cooking sheep's heads and even painting a nude man.

Kamal was speaking last night at a special screening of Snatch, hosted by the Jameson Cult Film Club, at the Tivoli theatre.

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