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The victims: Some of the celebs hacked

Hugh Grant The mother of Hugh Grant's baby received threats after The Four Weddings And A Funeral star publicly spoke out against British journalistic standards, the hearing was told.

THE mother of Hugh Grant's baby received threats after The Four Weddings And A Funeral star publicly spoke out against British journalistic standards, the hearing was told.

David Sherborne, counsel for Mr Grant and 50 other alleged victims of press intrusion, said: "She recalls how whilst Mr Grant was appearing on Question Time discussing the culture of the News Of The World, Rupert Murdoch and press standards, she received a barrage of telephone calls from a withheld number from someone who managed to get it from somewhere.

"When they finally answered, she was threatened in the most menacing terms, which should reverberate around this inquiry, 'Tell Hugh Grant he must shut the f*** up'."

Mr Grant's ex-partner, named in reports as Chinese actress Tinglan Hong, recently gave birth to his daughter.

She had to take out an emergency injunction last Friday after being hounded by paparazzi, one of whom tried to run over her mother as she attempted to take down his identity.

Milly Dowler's family

PRIVATE investigator Glenn Mulcaire was commissioned by the News Of The World to hack 13-year-old Milly's phone after she went missing in 2002. She was later found murdered.

Mulcaire even deleted some of her voicemails to make room for new messages, giving her family false hope that she was still alive, the inquiry heard.

Mr Sherborne said the Dowler family was also subjected to "terrible intrusion" when they retraced the route Milly was taking home when she was abducted.

The lawyer said they intended this as a "private moment" which would help them to come to terms with their daughter's disappearance.

But they were photographed by the press and their picture appeared in the News Of The World under the headline 'The Longest Walk'.

Kate and Gerry McCann

THE McCanns were subjected to "blatant intrusion" after their three-year-old daughter Madeleine went missing from their holiday flat in Praia da Luz in Portugal in May 2007, the inquiry heard.

This included having the press camped outside their home after they returned to Britain and a series of headlines accusing them of being involved in Madeleine's disappearance, something they have always strenuously denied.

It was only when the couple brought a successful libel action against Express Newspapers that the negative coverage stopped.

In September 2008 the News Of The World published Mrs McCann's highly personal diary, leaving her feeling "mentally raped", according to her husband.

Charlotte Church

THE singer endured everything from reporters cutting holes in hedges and installing secret cameras to photographers trying to open the doors of cars and take pictures up her skirt.

She was subjected to intense media coverage while still a teenager, and the worst excesses of the press came when she was aged between 16 and 20.

Mr Sherborne referred to a recent newspaper story reporting that she drunkenly proposed to her partner while singing karaoke.

"The problem is it was a complete fabrication -- not least because she wasn't even there on the night in question," he said.

Steve Coogan

THE comedian and actor suspected his phone messages were intercepted and later launched legal action against the News Of The World.

The inquiry heard how Coogan has been on the "receiving end" of numerous "kiss and tell" stories.

He is expected to describe how he has been "doorstepped" by the press in an attempt to "dig up stories about his private life".

"He's had journalists camped outside his house, rooting through his bins, bothering neighbours, following him in cars," Mr Sherborne said.

JK Rowling

THE Harry Potter author has gone to great lengths to preserve her family's privacy -- even choosing to live in a remote part of rural Scotland.

But the inquiry heard how snappers had "camped" outside her home. Her young children had notes placed in their school bags while photographers "snatched" pictures of them on holiday.

"The fact that Ms Rowling has tried to carve out and protect some semblance of normal life for her children but despite her best efforts, has failed to do so just highlights the excesses of the press," Mr Sherborne said.

Sarah Payne

MS Payne's eight-year-old daughter Sarah was murdered by paedophile Roy Whiting in 2000. Ms Payne went on to work closely with the News Of The World to campaign for better child protection laws.

But following the newspaper's closure, it emerged that her phone may have been hacked on behalf of the disgraced tabloid.

The revelation came after the red top published a letter from Ms Payne in its final edition, thanking the paper for its support.

"One of the cruellest twists to the whole story is the fact that one of the newspaper's most prominent targets had also been one of its most prominent supporters," Mr Sherborne said.

Anne Diamond

THE TV presenter and journalist believes parts of the press waged a vendetta against her for nearly two decades after she asked Rupert Murdoch what he thought about "the fact that his newspaper ruined people's lives".

"You can't do that to a newspaper mogul. That was it, the start of a press war against her from a particular section for the best part of 20 years," the lawyer said.