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The sizzling siren causing chaos in Carrigstown

She's the sizzling siren at the centre of Carrigstown's steamiest plot line.

And actress Aoibhin Garrihy says she's relishing her role as the soap's reckless troublemaker.

The Castleknock native has only just become a permanent fixture on the hit RTE series, but viewers are already glued to her character's every move.

The 22-year-old plays the disruptive role of Neasa Dillon, who is being dubbed the new Helen Doyle, as she continues to stir up problems among Carrigstown's residents.


Speaking to the Herald, she said: "It's going great. It's all taking off now and there is some great stuff coming up with Neasa because she is annoying a lot of people.

"I'm having a ball playing her. It's full on at the moment because I'm also doing the play Neuropolis in the Smock Alley Theatre as part of the Fringe festival so I'm a little tired but I'm loving it."

But Aoibhin insists she is nothing like Neasa in real life.

"Neasa just doesn't care about anything, which is great because I'm a bit of a worrier. I definitely cringe sometimes at what she says because I definitely don't have the confidence she has."

The actress was first introduced to viewers last May when Neasa had a one-night-stand with married debt collector Damien Halpin, before becoming a regular on the show last month.

Aoibhin's character will soon trigger one of the soap's most shocking domestic violence storylines ever, as Neasa's affair with Damien is finally unveiled this weekend.

Sunday night's episode will see Bob reveal to Damien that he heard his conversation with Neasa and knows that he slept with her. A disgruntled Bob later reveals their liaison to Suzanne and Neasa's family.

Damien and Suzanne go back to the house and he admits the truth.

Viewers will then see shocking scenes as she beats him with a snooker cue before leaving him pulped on the floor.

Aoibhin predicts that things are going to get a lot worse between the couple before they get better and Neasa being around only makes it worse.

"There is a bit of a showdown between Neasa and Suzanne coming up."

Suzanne initially gravitated towards Neasa because she hasn't had that sort of female companionship for a while. Neasa didn't think twice about befriending her despite having slept with Damien. I don't think she was being malicious but she just seemed oblivious to how it would affect Suzanne.

"But Suzanne is genuinely hurt when she finds out because she thought Neasa was becoming her friend.

"Neasa's presence is definitely adding to her problems with Damien because she is showing up everywhere. I don't think their friendship is repairable and I know if I was in Suzanne's shoes, I wouldn't go within 10 feet of Neasa.

"She doesn't really have any loyalty to Damien either," she added.

Aoibhin said she is just as eager as fans to see what Neasa does next, as are her family.

"I run lines with my family so it's good that by the time it does air they don't get too much of a shock by the way I'm acting," she said.