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The Saturday's rep tried to stop pic with Dub heroes

A REPRESENTATIVE for The Saturdays lost it at Arthurs Day - almost turning the Guinness sour with his attitude

The agent threatened to call gardai on Herald photographer Kyran O'Brien for snapping the band with the Dublin football stars.

The bizarre incident occurred when the girlband posed with the victorious Dubs at the Guinness Storehouse.

Things turned ugly when the guy claiming to be acting for the band, insisted the photo be deleted.

When award winning Kyran refused to comply, the agent threatened to call gardai and tried to prevent Kyran departing.

"The girls were leaving their interview and getting on to their bus outside the Storehouse when they saw the Dublin GAA team.

"The lads wanted to a get photograph and asked me to take it. The Saturdays were only too happy to do it and were lovely," Herald staffer Kyran O'Brien (inset) said.