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The reality is I need to pay the bills -- Calum

CALUM Best signed up to appear on Celebrity Bainisteoir just to pay his bills -- but now reckons it was the best move he ever made.

Over the past few years, the former model (31) has become a favourite on reality TV shows.

From Celebrity Come Dine With Me, Celebrity Love Island, Celebrity Salon and Living With Lucy to Paris Hilton's British Best Friend; at times, it can seem that it's not a proper reality show if Calum isn't in it.

But the former ladies' man was quick to defend himself. "Well, I haven't done as much as some," he said.

"I've done a few, but I haven't done enough to be a trained professional or anything."


The TV stud, who is managing Mayo team Moy Davitts in the GAA competition, admitted that reality TV is his bread and butter, and something he needs to do to pay the bills.

"Reality TV is everywhere. And if you in entertainment and you're not a big-time movie star and you want to make some money, you have to go down the road of doing things that aren't ideal.

"You've got to keep taking these things here and there if you want to pay your bills."

Despite his track record, Calum insists that Celebrity Bainisteoir is his all-time favourite show.

"This one has been my favourite by far because it's sports-related. I played sport as a young man, so I can relate to it."

Calum shot to fame on ITV's Celebrity Love Island in 2005. The show followed the antics of 12 single celebs as they spent weeks together on Fiji.

With plenty of footage of the contestants getting drunk and hooking up together, the series became a smash hit.

Calum, son of football legend George, has also appeared on E4's Fool Around With in 2004 and in a BBC documentary, Brought Up By Booze.

But with Celebrity Bainisteoir under his belt, Calum is ready to move out of reality TV.

To improve his chances of landing a big role, he recently had a hair transplant, shelling out €10,000.

Calum said he was sick of losing his hair: "I am so pleased I had it done. I was fed up with losing my hair.

"Now, I'm trying to get out of reality TV. The career I want long-term is acting.

"When I first came to California, I got sucked into the nightlife. I had no parental figures around. I was 20 and getting drinks thrown my way in nightclubs, and I just fell off track for a few years."

But now he is determined to make it big on the silver screen, and has already bagged roles in two upcoming films.

"I've got a comedy that starts in November where I play myself, and I take the piss out of myself. And then I have a serious feature film that starts next year, called Talking To God. It's a horror film."