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The joke will be on us as 'zombie' Breff has last laugh in fame game

He's been ridiculed by some as the 'Breffmeister', but Apprentice boss Brian Purcell believes former contestant Breffny Morgan will "have the last laugh".

Although the 22-year-old has rarely been out of the spotlight since his stint on the reality show, his former mentor has praised him for capitalising on his newfound celebrity to earn a living.

In addition to glossy photo spreads and socialising at some of the capital's trendiest hotspots, he has most recently made his acting debut.


Speaking to the Herald, Bill Cullen's right-hand man said: "To be honest, he's taking initiative. He's managing to make the most out of his celebrity status."

And Purcell has faith that the infamous Harvard graduate will put his business savvy to good use and market himself correctly.

"He may even find a new career in acting. If I were him, I would be looking for a role within the company -- in the production side of things.

"Personally, he's a very nice guy and has a fantastic personality. If he doesn't find it in business, he'll find a niche elsewhere.

"There was talk that he would be the new face of Cork city as a part of their tourism campaign.

"Welcome to Cork -- the home of Breffny, the home of Breffmeister -- can you imagine?"

During his time on the show, Purcell says that he became a fan of Breffny's after learning what a "genuine" guy he is.

"He's a genuinely nice guy and has a great personality. He'll only go from strength to strength. You have to remember he has never really worked, he went straight in from college so has very little experience," he said.

"It would be fairly low of me to make a negative comment about him. He's staying well up to date and making a very decent living, which is saying a lot in the current working environment -- you have to applaud him for that.


"I think he's going to carve out an impressive niche for himself, regardless of what field it's in. It seems that maybe Breffny's going to be the one to get the last laugh."

Breffny's latest venture into the spotlight sees him taking on a cameo role in the new horror series, Zombie Bashers.

The show, which is being aired on RTE's Storyland website will see Breffny take on the guise of a zombie salesman, advertising 'zombie gone' spray.

The series, which is being produced by Ruth Treacy of Tailored Films, follows the life and times of two former plumbers who travel the country killing 'the walking dead' for a fee.

The show, which is the brainchild of young screenwriter Stephen Shiels, began airing on January 29 and will continue until next Monday, February 15.