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The highs and lows of Layla's love life aired on reality show

THIS Galway girl is set to take the new reality show Desperate Scousewives by storm.

Layla Flaherty has already earned her reputation on the small screen as a self-confessed serial cheat who had up to 10 different guys on the go.

And now she features in Desperate Scousewives, a brash look at the loves and lives of the highly maintained ladies of Liverpool, all eager to become WAGs.

Part-time model and psychology student Layla (28) hails from the west of Ireland but her stunning looks, cheeky charm and dramatic love life means she slots in perfectly with the rest of the cast.

Scripted reality show fans are in for a treat when the new programme hits Channel 4 later this month -- just after the latest series of The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea wraps.

The crew follows Layla and her gal pals, including Abbey Crouch's wannabe model cousin Chloe Cummings, as they hunt down men and pursue their careers.

Layla has fallen for the city's self-described 'nice player' Joe McMahon -- and their on-off love affair forms part of the storyline.

But Layla, from Galway city, is not shy about her real aims in life.

"I want success, fame and money," she said.

"I'm not your average, predictable, black and white character. I have brains as well as beauty.

"I like the over the top look. Hair, makeup and eyelashes to finish any outfit," she said.

And Layla admits that although she has had a string of past boyfriends, her heart remains with club promoter Joe.

"I've got history with Joe, and that timeline goes on forever, we could have our own show for that alone," she said

"Some days my life is a car crash, other days it's rosy in the garden."

Layla first moved to Liverpool in March 2005 and got a job in a hairdressers after her self-esteem was knocked by a break-up in Ireland.

She soon found she craved attention and approval from men in the northern city.

"Away from Mum and my friends, I felt lonely," Layla said.

"So I started partying and dating to fill the hole. When good-looking men asked me out, it was a real boost.

"I ended up with about 10 blokes on the go at once, but it was just a bit of fun. I slept with some but only dated others. I can't just change my behaviour overnight. It's ingrained in me."

Eventually Layla toned down her wild ways after appearing on makeover show Chick Fix.

Desperate Scousewives airs on Channel 4 on November 28.