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The Herald was always only paper in our house

JOE Duffy has written about how the Herald was an integral part of his daily life growing up in Dublin.

It was the only paper allowed in the Duffy household.

Joe also reveals in his new must read autobiography how he placed a copy of the Herald on Gerry Ryan's desk on the day he died.

"I knew Gerry was absent that day but I had gone over to his desk at noon, as I normally did, to leave a copy of that day's Herald in his drawer, as it had an especially nice photo of his wife, Morah and their five children, taken at a movie premiere the previous night."

In his book, Just Joe, he RTE Radio 1 presenter reveals how the metropolitan paper was the only one allowed in his family home.

Dad Jimmy was among those who read the Herald every day.

He recalls how Jimmy always went up to bed early to listen to his bedside radio but only after "reading his Herald" and says it was the "only newspaper read in the house".

Joe also speaks frankly in his memoir about struggling to deal with his hard drinking father.

Rows would often start when his father arrived home with his pay packet each week.

There would be a row between his parents, with his father refusing to hand over the money.

The children would be reduced to "rifling" through their dad's pockets in the hope of getting spare coins.

Duffy revealed how, as a child, he intervened to protect his mother, lungeing at his father and locking the door against him.

His father then put his fist through the frosted-glass door, injuring his arm.

Just Joe will be launched on Thursday and is expected to be a bestseller for months to come.