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The frame game... fan turns Jedward into a work of art


Jedward have been encouraging their number one fan Julie Atkins' creative side -- and have even put up one of her paintings on their bedroom wall.

The mum of two, who plans on travelling across Ireland during John and Edward's solo concerts next month, also dabbles in art and is currently choosing a portrait of the pair which she will submit for exhibition.

After attending several of the X Factor shows in England, the Yorkshire-based NHS worker had the opportunity to meet her heroes several times and showed them some of her work, of which they approved.


"I told Edward I was submitting it for an exhibition, he trotted off then came back and said he'd texted his mum to tell her that a painting of them is going in an exhibition. He was very excited," Julie told the Herald.

"They were really interested in looking at the photos of the painting on my phone, and pretty excited too. John said it's on their bedroom wall back in Dublin."

Julie (50) praised the Lucan twins for being so approachable, recognising several familiar faces among their legion of fans in spite of their skyrocketing fame.

"They have incredible memories actually and everyone comments on their capacity to remember names and faces. Although I hadn't seen them in over 30 days, they said it's nice to see familiar faces when they're touring.

"They commented that people ask them for autographs, then head on to the next X Factor contestant, so having their familiar fans that are there just for them is comforting.

"They were both very, very sweet and friendly. Edward is the more chattier and he spent almost an hour talking to us that day about all sorts of things, from Japanese horror to their experience of being 'famous', which they insist they're not."

And the enthusiastic fan even told them they will be seeing a lot more of her when she jets over to Ireland with 19 pals to follow them on a string of their sell-out solo performances.

"They said they were excited! They said, 'It's so weird and cool, that we're having a tour in Ireland!' They know other UK fans are going to Ireland too. They are genuinely in awe of the strength of feeling from their fan base."