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The actress who has bewitched Harry Potter . . .

Right now he's the hottest young multi-millionaire on the planet, yet Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has eyes only for young, blonde, Dublin-born actress Laura O'Toole, who he first met when they co-starred in a controversial West End play.

In an interview with the UK's OK! magazine, the 20-year-old star of this summer's hit movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, has confirmed that he is still dating the Dubliner he met when he was just 17 years old and they shared a raunchy nude scene on stage.

Radcliffe, who is worth around €25m, has kept his lips tightly sealed about his love life for more than a year now, but said this week: "My girlfriend is Laura O'Toole, she was in Equus with me. But I don't really want to talk about that, because she's not here and it's not fair."

The couple first met when they co-starred in a revival of Peter Shaffer's 1973 play, Equus, in London's West End in 2007. The risque play saw teenager Daniel strip nude on stage, something which startled Harry Potter's legion of fans.

Laura was the understudy for the lead female character of Jill (played by Joanna Christie), who engaged in a lengthy nude sex scene with Daniel's character, Alan Strang. Daniel and Laura only appeared naked on stage once together during the play's run.

The couple admitted to having grown "very close" during the production, when they were first photographed out together.

However, in January 2008, the Harry Potter lead actor was reported to have split from Laura. The News of the World tabloid quoted Laura as saying, "Daniel and I are still good friends and have a good time when we see each other. But we just have to be realistic."

However, Radcliffe has finally confirmed that his heart belongs to the Irish actress, with whom he is believed to have celebrated his 20th birthday earlier this month.

So who is the actress who has stolen the affections of Harry Potter? Laura was born in Dublin on June 5, 1985, and graduated from drama college in London in 2006. She reportedly got her start in the RTE TV series On Home Ground. She has also appeared in the crime series Lewis opposite Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox.

Her major role so far is as the actress who has won Harry Potter's heart. After three years as Radcliffe's girlfriend, she would seem to have cast the young wizard under a right spell.