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'The action isn't scripted -- I could not learn all those lines,' insists reality star

THE star of Ireland's eagerly awaited new reality TV series Fade Street, Vogue Wilson, has insisted there is no truth to the rumours the show is entirely scripted.

The gorgeous model, who is already being dubbed Ireland's answer to Lauren Conrad, was one of the VIP revellers at Electric Picnic.

But the blonde beauty insisted that, once the reality cameras started rolling, the action would be off the cuff.

Speaking to the Herald, the Howth native (24), who is also a part-time actress, denied rumours that the upcoming reality show will be totally scripted.

"No it's not scripted at all. Sure I wouldn't be able to do that and learn the lines. It just wouldn't work."

However, Vogue declined to comment on whether some of the more dramatic scenarios on the show will be orchestrated.

"I'm really excited about the show but I can't really talk about it yet."

The model took a break from the cameras at the weekend to attend the Electric Picnic festival where she had picked out a huge number of artists she was looking forward to seeing.

But she wasn't slumming it in the festival's muddy campsites and instead opted to stay in a nearby guesthouse.

Vogue is one of the leading stars of RTE's upcoming reality show, which is due to hit the small screen in November.

The programme, which is based around two pals living in an apartment in Fade Street, will see a handful of the country's up-and-coming catwalk queens carving out a life for themselves in the capital.

It follows Vogue as she balances her career on the runway with her part-time job as a DJ.


Joining her is fellow blonde beauty Louise Johnston (24) from Clonskeagh, a familiar face to many Dublin VIPs as hostess of Krystle nightclub.

Also starring in the show will be First Option beauty Suzie McAdam (23), from Limerick, alongside Morgan the Agency model Shireen McDonagh (23) and Waterford model Danielle Robinson.

The girls have also been given a string of highly coveted internships, with Louise and Vogue nabbing a place in Stellar magazine, Danielle working in tattoo studio Dublin Ink. Meanwhile, Shireen and Suzie will be working with a fashion buyer and music promotion company.