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Thalia's lost for words as she's starstruck by Mischa


NEW York is not only a style haven, but it is known to play host to its fair share of celebrities.

That's what rising model star Thalia Heffernan has been finding out.

But the Dublin beauty said she still has to get used to that side of her growing fame after an awkward experience with US actress Mischa Barton.

"I saw Mischa Barton when I was over in the States," the 18-year-old told the Diary.

"We had a staring contest for ages because I couldn't remember her name so I was looking at her and I think she was staring at me going, 'ok, it's a celebrity, relax'.

"But I wasn't looking at her because I think she is incredible, although she obviously is, I was looking at her going, 'oh, what is your name' and being really annoyed at myself," said Thalia, laughing.

"I'd say she now thinks I am a bit of a lunatic so apologies to Mischa Barton," added the young model.

Awkward celebrity meetings aside, Thalia's stint in America was a whirlwind success and she was signed to world famous agency Ford.

The Raheny native is also due to return to the Big Apple later this year, but said she will continue to keep her base in Dublin.

"I have my commitments here and I'm lucky so far that it's working and my clients abroad aren't getting angry at me so I don't feel the need to move away," she said.