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Teen Saoirse shows her cheeky side with dig at Amanda's Oxegen disaster

ACTRESS Saoirse Ronan has had a pop at Amanda Brunker for her much-derided performance at Oxegen.

The Oscar-nominated actress joked that she had aspirations to take to the stage next year - complete with her own 'fake' band.

The Carlow teenager, who is this week fronting a campaign for the ISPCC, said if Amanda could replace Jessie J in the festival schedule, then anything is possible.

"I don't want to be mean, but come on. It means I could headline next year. My friend and I are learning the ukulele and are going to hula-hoop. You could join," The Lovely Bones actress quipped.

Saoirse (17) added that as she has already been trained to kill people for top film roles, performing at the three-day festival next year should be no problem for her.


"We'd have to take out Jessie J again though. But hey, I've trained as an assassin. Twice. I'll sort it out," she joked.

The comments were made during an interview with this month's Hotpress magazine and Ireland's best self-promoter Amanda didn't appear to be too impressed by Saoirse's attitude.

The former Miss Ireland took to her social networking page to say she was able to take criticism from a teenager.

A fan was only too happy to show her support for mum-of-two Amanda (37) saying that Saoirse's dig at the author, columnist and sometime singer was unfair.

"That young Saoirse Ronan really should have more respect for her elders! Poor ould Amanda Brunker," the fan said.

Amanda quickly shared the message with all of her 7,000 followers. The mum-of-two then wrote a public message to Saoirse herself, making a dig at her world wide success as an actress, by putting the word 'superstar' in brackets.

"Saoirse Ronan I take all criticism on board -- even when I'm being slagged off by a 17 year old (superstar)," she wrote.

Saoirse is busy promoting her first animated flick Arrietty. The Carlow star has also started working on Stephanie Meyer's next blockbuster.

The author of the Twilight series has cast Saoirse in The Host. The young actress will play lead character Melanie. The movie tells the story of an alien parasite species that invades human bodies.


Amanda, meanwhile, wrote in her column last weekend that she was suffering from heart palpitations and her doctor had prescribed her a holiday.

The holiday comes after the news that The All-Ireland Talent Show, on which Amanda was the Dublin judge, has been axed.