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Taser gun was not used on Jacko's children

A lawyer for Michael Jackson's mother said today the late singer's children were never exposed to a stun gun delivered to the family's home.

Adam Streisand said child services workers were investigating, but the stun gun, ordered by one of Jermaine Jackson's teenage sons, was confiscated before any harm was done.

He said the weapon was not used on any of the late pop superstar's three young children and only Michael Jackson's oldest son, Prince, saw the stun gun after it was taken by security.

Mr Streisand said one of Jermaine Jackson's sons had ordered the stun gun online and tested it out on a piece of paper.

Jackson's mother, Katherine is the guardian of Michael's three children, aged from eight to 13. Mr Streisand said the weapon was ordered by 13-year-old Jafar Jackson and sent to the family home in the Encino neighbourhood of Los Angeles. Jermaine Jackson's children also live in the home.

"Jafar opened the package in his bathroom and tested it on a piece of paper," Mr Streisand said. He said security and Katherine Jackson heard the sound and confiscated the weapon immediately.

He said Michael Jackson's oldest son, Prince. saw the stun gun after it was taken by security.

"Blanket Jackson never saw or heard the Taser," Mr Streisand said. "Neither did Paris Jackson. Prince saw the Taser in possession of security."