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Tallafornia's Kelly loves life being single again

She's washed that man right out of her hair.

Her ex Dave Behan is loved up with panto princess Leanne Moore, but former Tallafornia star Kelly Donegan is loving the single life.

"I'm not seeing anyone – when you're 100pc single you can be yourself," Kelly told The Diary.

Dave and Kelly split earlier this summer after nearly two years together.

"To be honest I really needed to be single," said Kelly. "It's been a really nice couple of months spending time on my own."

And since she said bye-bye to perma-tanned gym bunny Dave, Kelly has ditched the fake tan, pulled out the hair extensions and had her nose pierced.

"I've returned to my roots, back to the real me," she said.

"I feel like I'm more myself. In the past few months I've got to blossom.

"I'm spending time with my friends and family and feel more grounded.

"This is who I am. I love modelling but there's a lot more to me.

"When people see you in a bikini in the paper they think you're like that the whole time.

"But I'm a lot more artistic – I worked as a graphic designer before I started doing TV. People can be quick to dismiss you when you've done a reality TV show like Tallafornia but there's more going on. At first it bothered me how quickly people were to dismiss me but now I try not to let it get to me."

The 24-year-old is now thinking of spreading her wings and moving to London.

She said: "I would love to go over to the UK and do some work there. London is a great town, so why not?"

Kelly wants to pursue a career working as a glitzy TV host. "I've never done any TV presenting courses but being in front of the camera comes very natural to me," she said.



In fact, Kelly was shortlisted for the Xpose presenting gig and went up against ex-boyfriend Dave's current squeeze Leanne. "I was down to the last 11 and I was delighted to get that far to be honest," she said. "It was great going in and doing the screen tests."

Neither Leanne nor Kelly nabbed the gig, which went to Michelle Doherty.

But before she starts packing her bags for the bright lights of London, Kelly is focusing on hanging out with her family over the Christmas season. She said: "I'm working away on my blog and doing a lot of charity work. Every window is open – we'll see what happens."