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Taking my boys along to sold-out tour of Oz

Going to Oz will be manic – we'll have the two kids, a tutor and a nanny with us. It's a proper fleet.

No one in the family has set foot in Australia which is bizarre given how popular the show is there.

We're hitting the ground running; it's a 10-week tour and in the first 49 days we do 47 shows – which will be knackering.

The tour is completely sold out; we're playing pretty much everywhere and anywhere. We couldn't play the Sydney Opera House because it was too small.

It'll also be great getting away from the grey skies for a bit and soaking up some of that sun. Dad (Brendan O'Carroll above) loves the heat so he'll be delighted when he gets down there.

We stay in apartments not hotels – you kill each other if you're on stage and staying in a hotel.

So we all get our own apartments – I'll have the two kids and a tutor with us so Jamie can stay up to speed on his school work.