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Take that! Our Louis blasts pompous Gary in bitter X Factor feud

X FACTOR judge Gary Barlow is acting like a pompous Pope according to Louis Walsh.

The gloves are definitely off between the talent show men despite attempts to draw a line under the 'fix factor' row.

In a blistering attack Louis told the Herald today that Gary has lost of the run of himself.

"I was always a big fan of Gary's but ever since he met the Royal family, he has become a bit pompous. And he thinks he is a Sir already," Louis said.

"Gary you are not knighted yet. And even then that doesn't make you the Pope--always right."


There was more drama last night as himself and the Take That singer went head-to-head with their two acts.

After reaching deadlock with Louis' act District 3 and Gary's Melanie Masson, it was the Scottish mum who was given the boot by the public.

But tensions have been simmering between Louis and his rival Gary since the first live show.

The previous results show saw him storming off stage after Louis chose to save Rylan over Gary's act, Carolynne Poole.

Speaking to the Herald backstage at the X Factor, Louis said: "Obviously I am having my differences with Gary. The problem with Gary is that he thinks that he knows it all and he clearly doesn't. He knows the Royal family and he was voted 'Dad of the Year' and he believes it all now. I have my feet very firmly on the ground and for me, it is all about my acts."

He said that Gary was more concerned with how he is coming across on the show than acting as a genuine mentor to his acts.

"I am working so hard with them and I am determined to get to the final this year. All Gary is concerned about is being head judge," he continued.

"Wait and see who has the most acts left in four weeks between the pair of us. I bet it won't be Gary."

The Mayo man was mired in controversy himself during the new show -- and he was even booed by the audience on Saturday night.

Pictures emerged of the show's producer Richard Holloway whispering in his ear after it went to deadlock between Rylan and Carolynne.

Louis told the Herald: "I got a lot of stick last week and so much of it was unfair. I was booed coming out on to the show on Saturday night but honestly, it was just one of those things.

"When it came to the vote I was like a rabbit in the headlights and I was dammed if I did and dammed if I didn't. So I decided to do the only fair thing and put it to deadlock."


He added: "That's what happens when you are on a live show as big as The X Factor. It shows you the sort of pressure that there is when you are live to over 11 million people.

"For the last time, there was no instruction. I want to set the record straight and this is the last I will say on the matter. Richard came over to me to tell me the order in which we will be voting. He told me I would be up last, they do it every week to us. But I have never, ever been told which way to vote."