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Sybil's sights set on maternity range

TV3 star Sybil Mulcahy says she would love to design her very own maternity range as she is expecting her third child.

The Morning Show presenter told the Diary she feels there is a need for a new clothing line.

The mum to Hugh (5) and Genevieve (3) said: "There is honestly not that much out there. And a lot of maternity shops have closed down during the recession.

"I haven't had the phone call just yet, but I'd like to put it out there, definitely."

And Sybil (32) says her aim would be to provide better quality clothing for mums-to-be. Although some women just buy bigger sized clothes during their pregnancy, the presenter says essential items can get women through pregnancy in style.

She added: "A lot of women can't find the right clothes, so they just wear bigger sizes but you can only get away with wearing bigger sized clothes until you are about five months pregnant, then you have to get something proper.

"My advice would be to get decent things that last the whole way through, like designer jeans or an expensive dress that you can wear to tons of things. That way you get the long-term wear."

Sybil, who is 17 weeks pregnant, says she will getting her maternity clothes back from Aisling O'Loughlin, even though she didn't think she would need them again.