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Sybil delighted at Mum of Year accolade

SYBIL Mulcahy said she was "delighted" to win the Celeb Mum of the Year award this week.

The TV3 presenter was over the moon after winning the accolade, voted for by readers of Woman's Way and announced at a luncheon in the Westin Hotel.

"I was thrilled. I walked into the Westin and there were all these billboards up with my face on them as I'm on the cover of the magazine this week. I was half tempted to steal one of them and take it home as a souvenir," she said. "But it's a great thing to get and I had a lovely day."

The well-known presenter, who already had two children Hugh (5) and Genevieve (4), became a mum for the third time at Easter after giving birth to baby Michael.

But she revealed that there's plenty of late nights for her and hubbie John.

"He's not sleeping much, I think he has colic so I'm up every three hours with him but you know it doesn't last forever so you just have to get on with it," she said.

She is due to return to work on the Morning Show, which she co-presents with Martin King, in October.