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Super mum Miriam gets a special treat from children

PRIMETIME host Miriam O'Callaghan told the Diary how her eight children treated her to a meal in upmarket eatery Tribeca.

"My husband was away so myself and my eight kids went for the best chicken wings in the world at Tribeca in Ranelagh. My nine-year-old also plucked flowers for me," she said.

Miriam explained that while she doesn't like to take Mother's Day too seriously, it is nice when children appreciate the role a mum plays.

"The day also made me think of my own mum. I got her a present and a card and we had a lovely day."

Style guru and author Lisa Fitzpatrick enjoyed the special day with her hotelier husband Paul and two kids.

"I spent the day doing just what I had hoped for. I had a lovely lie-in and got up at 9am. The children set the table, while my husband helped them make breakfast."

With her busy schedule, the mum-of-two was delighted to spend a family day relaxing.

"I got two beautiful cards with special messages written inside, red roses, sports leggings and a top -- which I think is someone hinting I should go back training," the style mentor revealed to the Diary.