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Sunshine all the way for radio host Lucy after dark days of 2fm axe

PRESENTER LUCY Kennedy made a return to the airwaves over the weekend – just 18 months after she was axed from 2fm.

And you could be hearing a lot more from the mother-of-two – with the boss at Dublin station Sunshine 106.8 revealing he has "big plans" for Lucy who, he says, is "perfect for format radio".

It was in January 2012 that Lucy and co-host Baz Ashmawy hosted their last show on 2fm after the station axed them in order to "reduce the cost-base at 2fm".

However, Joe Harrington, station manager at Sunshine 106.8, where Lucy filled in for presenter Andrea Hayes on Saturday between 10am and 2am, told the Herald: "I don't think 2fm fulfilled Lucy's potential, but she had a clean start with us and did brilliantly.

"The difference between RTE and us is that we operate format radio, where the music is already selected for each presenter, but where they have to know the music and be sharper," said Joe.


Revealing how there was a "big chance" of Kennedy doing more on-air with Sunshine, he described the 36-year-old as having a "great sense of radio".

"Lucy is warm, bright intelligent and definitely connected with our listeners.

"Our regular presenter Andrea will be back in her slot next week, but we have definite plans for Lucy," Joe added.

Although out of contract with RTE, a spokeswoman for Lucy said that she had her name attached to a number of TV projects with RTE and TV3.

Resuming her media career after two babies, earlier this year Lucy completed a TV pilot, Keeping Mum, her first project since having her second baby, Holly, in April 2012.