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'Sun, fun and Beyonce to make me shine at Oxegen' -- Daniella

BRIGHT spells of sunshine are expected to chase any showers away for this weekend's Oxegen festival.

Although heavy rain had been predicted weather forecasters now believe that the over-riding condtions will be sunshine with just the occasional shower to cool down festival goers at Punchestown, Co Kildare.

Those unlucky enough not to make it can join Daniella Moyles who is the face of Oxegen TV . . . just don't ask her about Beyonce.

The Assets model will be rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest stars in the world next weekend, and while the down to earth beauty said that she would be a consummate professional, she admitted that she would be completely starstruck if she came face to face with Beyonce.

The Bootylicious diva will be headlining Sunday's festival and is expected to wow the crowd as much as she did in Glastonbury last week.

"I think that would just be too much, that would be amazing," she told the Herald. "I think that it would be very optimistic of me to think that I would get to meet her, but I would absolutely love it. If I see her walking past, I'll definitely try and grab her."

Already she is lined up to meet Jessie J and Tinie Tempah, but is hoping to nab an interview with The Script, Foo Fighters, Black Eyed Peas and several of the other headliners over the course of next weekend.

Moyles (22) was approached months ago for the gig and said she was honoured to have been chosen from a number of budding TV stars who would have killed for the opportunity.

"It was nice to have been chosen and not have to compete for something," she said.

Oxegen TV is the official channel for the festival and will be featured on its website as the Irish festival is not televised, unlike Glastonbury.

"I would imagine I would get to meet all of them, this is the official channel, it's not like Glastonbury. I know I will get to interview a lot of them, but I think that it just depends on the artist giving the OK based on their schedules. I haven't seen my itinerary yet, so I don't know everyone that I will be meeting.

"But I'm more looking forward to seeing some of the smaller acts like James O'Neill, who's obviously an up and coming Dublin act. I got to meet Fight Like Apes yesterday and they're amazing and, of course, Irish."