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Sun blinding us to fashion disasters

The summer comes and the style goes.

Our streets have been awash with shirtless men in questionable shorts and curvy ladies stuffed into micro-mini hotpants.

In our rush to enjoy summer, it seems many of us let the Irish sense of style fly out the window.

According to designer and style expert Brendan Courtney, our dire summer dressing is down to our over familiar relationship with the rain.

"I think the problem is that we're not used to the sun," he told the Herald.

"We tend to cover up and, as a result, we don't have the most amazing bodies in the world."

Courtney says that people in warmer climates are able to rock laid-back summer wear because of their washboard abs.

"I think people in Brazil and Spain are fitter because they're outside the whole time with little on," he said.

"As a result. they are just more body conscious and in better shape. During the winter we tend to forget about our bodies."

Micro-mini hotpants are the look this summer with many women willing to risk an unflattering pair.

While others think the shorts should be banned, Brendan is more open minded.

"I have no problem with people wearing hotpants if they've got a good bum," he said.


"But if you get the 'double bum' then it's probably time to loose the look."

And Brendan has a few words of warning for Irish men.

"Socks and runners with shorts isn't a good look, either. Irish men need to learn that and those 3/4 length sports short are also awful."

The Off The Rails presenter says the more time we spend in the sun the better we get at dressing.

"The longer we're out in it the better things get." "We're having a flash summer sale on our website lennoncourtney. com right now, so there's no excuse for not looking good," he added.