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Stylist Jacqui conquers Hollywood

DUBLIN stylist Jacqui Ryan, who left her career in Ireland, has just made it big in Hollywood. Jacqui was a fashion buyer for a boutique in Stephen's Green Shopping Centre and travelled around Europe as part of her job.

But in 2008, she said she had a "gnawing" that she wanted to move to LA and work with the stars.

Now Jacqui has co-hosted TV shows with former supermodel Janice Dickinson and lists rappers 50 Cent, Snoop and Jamie Foxx as some of her styling clients.

"It is amazing the success I am having here in Hollywood, I am very grateful," she told the Herald.

"It was such an honour to be on Janice Dickinson's TV show.

"I was a guest host on her talk show and it was a general Hollywood, celebrity and entertainment show.

"We did talk about how beautiful Ireland is," said Jacqui, originally from Donaghmede.

Jacqui first got her break during a chance encounter at a Hollywood hotel that sparked her run of luck in the States.

"I just got on a plane and moved everything to LA. Within two weeks I was working with a very famous movie star and singer -- that was Jamie Foxx," she said.

She then went on to work as a stylist and make-up artist to the stars.

And Jacqui now has another top-secret project under her hat.

"I am currently preparing, researching and studying a book which is very successful on the American market and is being made in a TV show and I will be the host of the show," she said. "Sometimes I pinch myself -- I'm living a life beyond my wildest dreams."