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Stylish Darren can't wait for dog chats with Davison

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison and stylist Darren Kennedy will be bonding over one shared passion when they both judge a quirky fashion competition this March.

And we don't mean their love of style.

The two Dublin divas have been lined up to judge the fourth year of student recycled fashion competition Junk Kouture.

"We're both animal lovers so I can't wait to catch up with her," Darren told the Herald.

"I don't think I have properly worked with Rosanna before so I'm looking forward to hanging out with her again."


He added: "Inevitably we will be doing our fashion thing, but once that ends it will probably be about our dogs."

Both Dubliners are obsessed with their babies – the cute canines in their lives.

For Darren its mini Yorkshire terrier Harry who weighs a tiny 1.5kg.

Meanwhile, Rosanna (29) even considered adding her Pomeranian Ted to the wedding party for her nuptials to fiancé Wes Quirke next summer.

"Harry has been with me for seven years and he is still tiny, but I absolutely love him," explained Darren.

"Before you get a dog you need to get something that suits your lifestyle so for me its perfect to have Harry, who is like a little urban dweller.

"I travel a lot so there was no point getting a big dog, especially when I live in the city."

Most of the 32-year-old's travelling is back and forth from the UK where he is working as a fashion and style presenter for hit ITV breakfast show This Morning.