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Steo's husband left close to tears by Tubridy's quiz on star's death

Stephen Gately's grieving husband Andrew Cowles was left visibly upset on the Late Late Show as Ryan Tubridy pushed him for details of the singer's death.

Cowles appeared on last night's programme to promote the children's book that Boyzone star Stephen was writing at the time of this death, The Tree Of Seasons.

But he was left close to tears when asked to describe finding his partner's body.

He told how the couple had arrived in Majorca last October for what was supposed to be a month-long working holiday. However, they had only been there three days when Stephen's heart failed.

Host Ryan Tubridy asked him: "When did you discover that he had died? but in response, Andrew said: "Oh," after which there was a pause during which he appeared very close to tears.

Tubridy then acknowledged that it was probably too difficult for Andrew.

"Of course it's too difficult. It's also very private," said Andrew."I couldn't resuscitate him, and that's when you realise your husband, the love of your life is dead."

Ryan then said: "I don't want to push you, and I refuse to push you because this is extraordinarily raw for you, and you are not somebody who does television appearances."

Andrew replied: "No, but even somebody who does television appearances shouldn't have to answer questions about finding their partner, the details of it.

"Everybody knows that we all pass. It happens to all of us. It happened Stephen far too young, and I've lost the love of my life."

He told how he and Stephen had celebrated their civil partnership ceremony in London, with afternoon tea and pink champagne after a harpist played their song -- Etta James's At Last .