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Stefanie Powers 'happy' to leave jungle

STEFANIE Powers has become the first star to be booted out of the I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! jungle.

The Hart To Hart actress (69) was up against five other celebrities, including Sinitta and Antony Cotton, in the first public vote.

She said she was "deliriously happy" as she left the Australian jungle after 13 days.

She found herself facing eviction after her team lost an "immunity challenge" on the TV3 show, partly due to Sinitta backing out of an endurance test to spend the night with assorted nasties.

Leaving the camp, Powers said: "Isn't that bliss? That's absolutely the best thing that could ever possibly have happened.

"The two reasons that I did this show were to raise some money for the William Holden Wildlife Foundation and to be a poster child for survivors of lung cancer and I think the point was made."

She said that she had been less fazed by creepy crawlies than the other contestants.

"I'm not afraid of the bugs so they didn't really bother me. I mean I knew that I was going to be dumped upon because I'd looked at your show on YouTube.

"It's always a surprise, it's always a shock but they don't bother me and camping doesn't bother me. I actually enjoyed the limited flora and fauna that I saw," she said.

Her final trial saw Mark Wright screaming for Dougie Poynter's help as rats scurried all over him and climbed into his pyjamas.

But her team - including Sinitta and Antony Cotton, Fatima Whitbread, Willie Carson and Lorraine Chase - lost the trial, leaving them to face eviction.