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Stay safe, Rory, and come home soon...

Golfing prodigy and US Open champion Rory McIlroy (22) has all the endearing qualities of openness, candour and transparency. Such qualities, and a huge talent for the game of course, have helped propel the young man to the top of his profession.

And it's also led to the sporting world falling for Rory.

However, Rory is finding it difficult to adjust to the level of scrutiny applied to him since his US Open victory.

The young man has opened up about the burden he now carries.

He has recently ended his relationship with childhood sweetheart and long-time love Holly Sweeney. But it appears that Rory has other worries on his mind with the news that he's had to install a security team outside his home.

This follows the unwelcome presence of prowlers -- something which has frightened his family.


To escape this unwarranted intrusion, he is now considering a move to the US which will give him some degree of privacy from the circus that has descended upon him since his US Open win.

I wish him well, continued success and fervently hope that he wins many more Majors.

I also hope that his stay across the Atlantic will not be a permanent one.