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Stars will regret Tallafornia - Brendan

FASHION guru Brendan Courtney believes the stars of TV3's Tallafornia will regret doing the show.

The RTE star and Tallaght native has said that reality shows are the "cheapest form of soap opera" and that the stars always come across badly.

The Off The Rails host says he isn't ashamed to be from Tallaght himself, but won't be in a rush to watch the new series.

The first episode has had massive ratings and has already received coverage in the US. However, Brendan told the Herald that they have only cast "wannabe celebs" and that the stars of the show won't be able to make a career out of it.

"I have only seen the promos so far, it stands up there with the best of those programmes, but I'm not a massive fan of them. I recently met the cast of The Only Way Is Essex [TOWIE] -- they were really, really nice but common as muck.

"I think Tallafornia is going to be funny so what the hell, it's really no different to shows like Big Brother. But Lauren [from TOWIE] told me she absolutely regretted doing the show. But in fairness they all came across really badly."

Meanwhile, the RTE star admitted that he is under pressure to finish writing his new book with co-host Sonya Lennon. Although Off The Rails was axed from the spring line up due to cutbacks, it will be back in May, and Brendan says he is glad they can focus on finishing their new style book.

"I'm glad we have more time now but we still have tight deadlines, we have to have a draft in by the end of January so I'm trying to motivate myself to get up and go to my desk and start writing.

"I also have my beauty book coming out this year, I'm running competitions to get up-and-coming models in the book and people can nominate their friends to be in it as well," he said.