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Stars in dark on EastEnder's killer

EastEnders actor Charlie Hawkins confessed his character Darren Miller killed Archie Mitchell -- only to quickly admit he was joking.

The 18-year-old actor, who has been playing the lovable rogue since 2004, joked his character had been cast as Archie's murderer as he would be least suspected.

He said: "I just do everything on the Square -- got Heather pregnant, killed Archie. It's me.

"No-one suspects me, that's why it's going to be such a great live show."

But co-star Himesh Patel, who plays bookworm Tamwar Masood, was swift to suggest there was another killer on the streets of Walford.


"It's not you, is it?" Himesh said. "It's your son -- baby George."

A 30-minute live episode of the soap, which is a first for the series, will be broadcast on February 19.

It will finally reveal the real murderer of Archie Mitchell.

Both actors said neither of them yet knew who the killer was and would have to wait until the live episode to find out.

They also said they were nervous but looking forward to being part of the special anniversary episode.

Charlie said: "We've not got any dialogue but [are pleased] just to be part of it."

The pair were speaking at Bradford's National Media Museum in England to help launch an exhibition celebrating 25 years of EastEnders along with the museum's Soap Season.

Among the pieces in the exhibition were various murder weapons used in the soap over the years -- most of which were made of rubber -- including the bust of Queen Victoria that had been used to kill Archie and the iron with which Little Mo hit abusive husband Trevor around the head.