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Stars fired up by charity plates

A HOST of kind-hearted Irish celebrities -- including actress Amy Huberman -- have designed limited edition pottery in aid of the Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF).

Broadcasters Claire Byrne, Daithi O Se, Maura Derrane, Sean Moncrieff, Ian Dempsey and Miriam O'Callaghan are among the big names to get in touch with their artistic side for charity.

Amy Huberman signed up to the project after being approached by a family who was affected by meningitis, and the actress's plate is set to attract big bidders.

Her heart-shaped plate is titled Footprints On The Heart.

A spokesperson for the MRF told the Herald: "Amy has small little paw prints on it, some in red and some in black, that come together and separate. She's very artistic and it's really lovely."

Claire Byrne's plate, which she decorated with a flower, was inspired by her holiday destination this year. "I was thinking of France because that's where I'm going on my holidays," she said.

And Daithi O Se joked that Claire was the inspiration for his drawing.

The pottery will be viewed online from tomorrow, and the auction, sponsored by Artworks Pottery Studios in Portmarnock, is taking place as part of World Meningitis Day on Easter Sunday

Lorraine Keane, actor Simon Delaney, and gardener Diarmuid Gavin are also among the big names to design their own plate.

Money raised in the auction on www.meningitis.org/auction will go towards 24 research projects.

MRF encourages people to mark World Meningitis Day by downloading their freetext SMS video. To do so simply text Time to 50308.

Meningitis Research Foundation operates a Freephone four-hour helpline -- 1800 413344.