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Star Saoirse turns heads with a €10 bargain hat

Teenage sensation Saoirse Ronan has proved that the upcoming awards season won't prove a fashion headache for her lovely bones

The 15-year-old Oscar and BAFTA-nominated star has told the Diary that her recent Tokyo premiere headwear that made the fashion and social pages around the world set her back just a tenner.

Speaking at the Irish opening of The Lovely Bones, the 15-year-old star revealed how the purple headpiece that she wore for the Tokyo premiere cost her a mere €10, and it was a last-minute purchase.

"I saw it and thought it would be perfect," said Saoirse.

Arriving fashionably late at Dublin's Savoy Cinema, the acclaimed young actress was more than happy spend five minutes posing for pics in her black vintage Moschino dress teamed with purple shoes.

And she admitted that it would be fantastic if she were to get another Academy Award nod for her part playing the murdered teenager, as is widely expected.

'If it happens it would be amazing but I'm trying not to think about it because if it doesn't happen, then there's going to be disappointment," she said.

Now at the end of a global publicity tour for the movie, which was directed by Peter Jackson, she said it was "nice to finish up in Dublin."

"I have loads of friends here, some of my best friends and it's their first time seeing it as well.

"It means a lot to me to have the film showing here in Dublin. I love living in Ireland -- I wouldn't trade it for the world," she explained.

She also explained how she "got on so well" with fellow cast member Stanley Tucci, who has received great acclaim for the role.

"He plays my murderer by the way!" she continued.

The teenager was accompanied by her actor father and agent Paul Ronan, who rubbished suggestions that the subject matter could have been too mature for her.

"Not at all. The script was read by her agent first in LA," he said. "He attended a reading of it and he's a family man. He assured us there was nothing in it that we had to worry about.

"Pete Jackson reassured us about it as well. We read the script then, after she was offered the movie, and we found it fine.

"She has to do some harrowing, very dramatic scenes in it but there's no actual depiction of a rape scene or anything like that," he added.

"We wouldn't have allowed her to do the film if there was. She was comfortable to do it."

He added that Saoirse's now in training to do a second movie with Atonement director Joe Wright called Hanna, which sees her playing a teenage assassin.