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Stalker's threats to TV3 star Hughes

A MAN who has been bombarding TV3 with abusive calls has threatened to call to the home of Ireland AM star Alan Hughes.

TV3 chiefs told staff last week that they had called in gardai to deal with the individual, who is known only as Paul.

The man has been threatening Alan by claiming that he knows where to find the television personality.

"I know where you live," the man said on the message he left for the panto star.

An insider has revealed that the independent TV station had disregarded the messages at first, in the belief that they may be insubstantial.


However, the frequency of the calls has now prompted TV bosses to take action.

"Nobody took it seriously at first but it's become quite sinister now," the TV3 insider said.

"He rang up and said he was going to pay a visit to Alan's home.

"He was able to describe what Alan's house looked like and was threatening to call out.

"That's when it became serious.

"He seems to have a real gripe against Alan Hughes more than anyone else," the source added.

The stalker has been consistently calling the TV channel since the summer, it has also emerged.

"He has been phoning up the station for at least three months now," the source recalled.

"The calls have been answered by a few different people and he is always ranting and raving about Alan, calling him every name under the sun."

Ireland AM is not the only TV3 show to have been plagued with frightening phone calls, as producers working on Tonight With Vincent Browne have also been on the receiving end of verbal attacks.

Gardai were called to the station's headquarters last week to advise TV3 staff on how to deal with the persistent abuse.