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Southside Housewives star Roz is just like one of the girls as she poses with her four daughters

IT'S tough to spot the mummy when Southside Housewives star Roz Flanagan appears in photos with her four daughters -- as she looks just like one of the girls.

The stunning Malahide mum loves nothing better than socialising with her children, the oldest of which is 27.

Roz told the Herald she had no problem sharing her lavish wardrobe with Stephanie (27), Melissa (24), Victoria (17) and Monique (13).

"I had the girls quite young -- we're all very close -- I can go out with them and socialise and we'd go to some events together too. There's nothing sacred in my wardrobe, whenever they are going out they wear something of mine. I don't mind it though, we're the same sizes in everything, dresses and shoes -- the works."

The newcomer has also divulged she's feeling nervous about Ballymount's upcoming fly-on-the-wall show, but is happy to take tips from her co-star Lisa Murphy.

"It's scary having the cameras in your face and trying to act normal, but it's fun.

"Hopefully Lisa will let me know what to do and what not to do ... I'm the one with all the kids, but they don't mind that and my girls have been fine with all the filming so far," said the blonde beauty, who is filming alongside socialites Virginia Macari, Danielle Meagher and Jo Jordan until June.

Viewers will see the housewives jet off on a trip to Marbella as well as New York. Roz is looking forward to celebrating Stephanie's graduation in the Big Apple in May -- and there could be a chance for the Northern Ireland native to see WAG Claudine Keane in LA.

"Myself and my husband Vincent moved to Dublin 12 years ago, so I've been friends with Claudine's mum Joan since then. I've been invited over to go over on a girly trip to LA ... so I would like to try and combine both trips."